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Briz Stainless Bumper Bolt
Briz Stainless Bumper Bolts

Our Briz Bumper Bolts are a custom made part by us!  They are Stainless Steel and come highly polished.

Since our bumpers are ribbed a standard bumper bolt will not work.  We have designed this bolt to have the same contour as the ribs on our bumpers.  They do not have a square behind the head like a standard bumper bolt so installation is easy.  Simply drill a 1/2" hole in the ribs of the bumpers and they hold securely and blend into the bumper.  

They are a must have to please remember to ad them to your order.

BrizBumper Bolt
License Plate Guard

If you want to add a cool look to your car or truck try adding one of our License Plate Guards.  It is a custom aluminum sand casting that comes highly polished.  Mount it on the front, back or both ends of your car. 

It is designed to mount to our bumpers - it fits both our 3 rib and 5 rib bumpers.  If you don't have our bumpers but still like the look of our Guards, they can be easily modified to fit flat bumpers as well.  Simply use a hand grinder, grind the ribs off the back of the Guard to match your bumpers

License Plate Guard
License Plate Bracket

This handy bracket fits in the back of the License Plate Guard and actually holds the license plate.  Give it a thought when ordering your License Plate Guards.

License Plate Bracket
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