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Briz Bumpers

Custom made Ribbed Bumpers

A Little about our products

We make Bumpers specifically for all Ford passenger cars from Model A's thru '51 and Chevrolet passenger cars through 1953.  This includes Ford Pickups through '56 and Chevrolet pickups through '54.  We also make bumpers specifically for most Merc, Plymouth, Olds, Chrysler and Dodge passenger cars and pickups from the same vintage.  For makes other than these - just Ask.  We can make bumpers from our templates or total customs from  your template (please see attached instructions on "How to make a template") Any bumper made from a template other than ours will need to be quoted by us after seeing the full sized template.  We have 2 different style bumpers, 3 or 5 Rib, depending on the application.

All Bumpers are manufactured from high strength 6063 aluminum alloy and are fully polished to a high luster.  In most cases they cost less than the price of re-chroming alone.

When ordering our bumpers please know that we do not drill the holes, that way you can place the bumper where you would like and use whatever brackets (with modifications) that you like.  Our bolts are manufactured from Stainless Steel with a radius head to fit over the ribs on our bumpers.  Just drill a 1/2" hole and it's done.  All bolts have a highly polished finish.  

We also manufacture License Plate Guards, they are a highly polished aluminum casting specifically designed for our 3 or 5 Rib Bumpers and can be easily modified to work with smooth bumpers.  Don't forget that license plate, if you would like to install your license plate we also have a License Plate Bracket that fits in the rear of the guard as an option for you to mount your license plate.

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